How to Show Pre Loaded Admob Ads to Unity!

first of all i have to say unity is a great game engine of all the time. i love it. and other this is i love admob. becasue it make real money with unity games. well i can show you my revenue if you want. so send me a email. if you want. (

so i just watch admob official unity ads Tutorial on youtube. but its not what i want. but i love that tutorial. but its not my type. so i found another script called admobdemo.cs .

but its not also working perfectly for me. so i decided to create my own script to show banner ads, video ads, and reward ads when i want.

Dirst of all Download this Package - Download

ok lets get started. extract this script into your unity project. in this package their is a script called "AdController.cs" . open it and do what i say. :-D

void Start () {
Debug.Log("start unity demo-------------");
Instance = this;
Admob.Instance ().initAdmob ("ca-app-pub-5846822158569711/****",
// Admob.Instance ().setTesting (true); Admob.Instance ().loadInterstitial ();

now change the admob ad strings to your strings. ca-app-pub-5846822158569711/**** -
this is a banner string. and ca-app-pub-5846822158569711/1111**** this is a video ad string.
according to this script when the scene loaded. your ad will automatically loaded in the background.
so you have to call the ShowVideoAd(); method when u want to show the ad. its easy and fast.


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